Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Instagram Video

   The implementation of video on Instagram is providing great content for social fashion and retail space.

   TOPSHOP chief marketing officer, Justin Cooke, said “Instagram is such a beautiful site, the nature of the tools they provide you with makes you set the bar higher and feel like you shouldn’t post bad pictures on there,” and he added, “They’ve [Facebook and Instagram] got the scale. You don’t have to be the first; you have to be the best. We already have a video for Instagram ready to post.”

   Will Instagram video’s increasing popularity ruin Instagram's original appeal?

    The whole point of Instagram is it being an effective photography tool for amateurs. Yet, video quality on phones isn’t great and our skills don't help neither. (Instagram Video is the main and direct competitor to Vine right now, another video sharing platform from the people of twitter.) Vine could catch on Instagram because it is rather reserved to short documenting experiences and creative manipulations.

    But how is Instagram competing with Vine? (from a user point of view)

Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller (fashion blog), said, "I really love Vine and I feel a little sorry for them because this [Video inclusion in instagram] will steal the show from them. I used Vine last fashion week." She added, "Fashion people have about three months to get them acquainted with producing videos on the app. By the time New York Fashion Week rolls around, people will be so used to making videos that it will overtake photos [on Instagram]."

   How could Instagram win over Vine?

   Instagram video is part of Instagram as a whole compared to Vine being distinct to Twitter. More people are prone to adopt and try a new version of an app than start over/follow with another one. Moreover, Instagram include editing options that Vine don’t, such as the filters. Last but not least, Instagram has its own website and Vine doesn’t.

   Who would you choose now?

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