Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Orange Crème Brulée

   One of my favorite desserts is crème brulée and I have it most of the time in restaurants. At all places, the taste is the same but what is going to make it better at a place or another is the ratio of crème brulée vs. the hard caramel topping. The crème brulée is always accompanied with an ice cream scoop, vanilla or caramel. When I was at Signor Sassi, Zeytuna Bay, I ordered that dessert and I was surprised with a dominant addition of taste, that of orange in the crème brulée. I thought it brought to it summer freshness and a mind-blowing twist to a rather traditional dessert.

   I can imagine that this recipe might come off as a second surprise since it’s not made from scratch but making a successful crème brulée is very delicate and it is
something I haven’t posted on my honor wall yet (honestly). 
Likewise, I need you to know that I judged the nutrition data about the box to be fairly not "dangerous". Although there is no dietary fibers and proteins, the level of sodium is less than 10% and there is no trans fat.

Here, I am adding a few tips that enhance the taste of the preparation provided by Dr Oetker, enjoy!

For 4 servings you will need,

1 box of Classic Crème Brulée with caramelizing sugar, Dr Oetker, 4 servings
1 tsp of vanilla essence
2 drop of natural orange essence
1 tbsp of Grand Marnier
Additonal brown sugar for caramelizing, (amount depends on the serving recipient surface)
Vanilla ice cream to serve with

Cookware and Cutlery
4 ramekins

Guidance through preparation:

- Follow the instructions written on the box.
- Add the orange and vanilla essence along with the Grand Marnier before the crème preparation thickens.

- Cover the ramekins in plastic bags to refrigerate them.

- Spread the sugar onto the whole surface to guarantee that it will form a thick and hard caramel.

- Serve hot or warm with an ice cream scoop of vanilla or caramel preferably and fruits of choice.

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