Monday, July 1, 2013

Belt Making at Johnny Farah

   As I said earlier, many workshops were held during last week’s Beirut Design Week and among them, was that of Johnny Farah. Johnny Farah is a name and a brand. The name is a cool chubby old boy, rich perhaps. The brand is a label that sells luxurious leather handbags, belts, and shoes and is also selling worldwide with retailers in Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East. 
   The Johnny Farah concept store in Lebanon is located in Saifi Village and that is exactly where the Belt making workshop was hosted. The various sessions started on Monday and I went on Saturday (last day). The price you pay to make a belt, varies depending on the size of the buckle you wish to choose—small, medium or large sized for 50, 70, or 90$ respectively. I chose the medium-sized buckle and since the stock of black leather was exhausted, I made a choice of light pink and black gradation leather instead. You will see the steps of Belt Making through the pictures (cutting, peeling, coloring, sewing, decorating, etc.). I hope you can relive with me again the exceptional sensation of holding soft real leather in your hands, ripping it off, and hearing that fragile crack sound!







My name + initials

Things I bought also from the store:

Lunch in the cab with a Paul sandwich after I left Johnny Farah

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