Monday, July 15, 2013

Everywhere I Was Today

   I love to make every day of my existence a hectic day; It’s about being busy and doing stuff. I started my day with my usual fashion illustration course at Esmod and for the very first time, I asked my friend to snap me in the room in which we study and discover. When I was done at about 1 in the afternoon, I joined my friend at Mandaloun Dbayeh where he was already having lunch with his friends. When I came back home I took my sister to the library to buy a book that teaches academic drawing for beginners (she wants to start building up a portfolio to apply in Architecture). Then I went to Zara to exchange the shoes I recently got, with the same ones again; during its purchase, the cashier wasn’t careful at removing the security tag and ripped the back of the shoes—never mind, problem is solved now. At this instant, I am almost getting late to dressing up for tonight’s event at Skybar, first or second best night club in summer… and I don’t even know what to wear yet! Got to go, I’ll update you soon! Love.

   I was wearing a Vintage overall that belonged to my mom, Le Silla leathers and swarovski espadrilles, Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Fendi tote bag, Johnny Farah leather bracelet, and Swarovski necklace.

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Anonymous said...

Elsaaaaaa ur amazing !
Keep on the good work
Love u