Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fashion Weekly News (15/07-21/07)

   The late designer Gianni Versace’s Ocean Drive mansion in Miami will go up for auction on September 17. The house, now known as Casa Casuarina, is estimated for a starting price of $75 million. When bought in 1993, Versace has invested $33 million for its renovation, which includes decorating a 54-foot mosaic pool with 24-carat gold.

   For the occasion of its 90th anniversary, Fendi is moving house to one of the most imposing buildings in Rome and a representation of fascist architecture, the Palazzo della Civilt√† Italiana (the Palace of the Italian Civilisation). Currently closed for maintenance and renovation, the palace also often nicknamed “the Square Colosseum”, will soon be open to Fendi’s 400 employees.

   Francois Pinault, wife of actress Salma Hayek and CEO and founder of luxury conglomerate Kering (previously known as PPR), will show his grandiose art collection in Paris, under the Gothic arches of the Conciergerie, for the first time in October. The collection will feature works by 22 artists around the theme of “Imprisonment”.

   Kate Moss has designed covers for iPhones, Tablets, as well as for Samsung for Carphone Warehouse stores, and will be available on July 24.

   Today, Regent Street is hosting a 100-metre catwalk show to celebrate individual style. The event invites the people to strut the catwalk and give the chance to 5 people to be awarded with a goodie bag. In addition, the event will feature different categories, streetwear, sportwear, and bridal among others.

   Last Saturday, Alexander Wang hosted a particular private party in New York, in which he invited people but also let in a 100 more from the public to benefit from free unlimited giveaways of his new collection.

   Michael Kors files suit against Costco for allegedly falsely claiming to sell their handbags. According to WWD, the lawsuit refers to email adverts, which advertised a variety of "designer handbags starting at $99.99" with an image showing several of Michael Kors bags featuring his signature gold MK logo.

   Dolce and Gabbana boutiques closed down in Milan for the weekend due to indignation from the Italian Tax Police, the Internal Revenue Service, and counsillor D’alfonso remarks in a newspaper, who said that the label shouldn’t be allowed to show its next collection in Milan, and that the city doesn’t need to be represented by “tax evaders”. D’alfonso has since denied his remarks to be given to the press. Born and raised in Milan, Dolce and Gabbana confide in a letter the resentment they feel for being unfairly treated by the city. Likewise, they add “it must also be said that in the last 30 years we have given a great deal to this city: prestige and international visibility, jobs and economic development.”

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