Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Second week at Esmod

Second week at Esmod and I already feel it is a part of my everyday life, meaning it has already become a habit. And what do my habits include? I’ve grown familiar to a routine where I’m 5 to 10 minutes late to the course every morning and I sit next to the same girls with whom I’ve started to build a great affinity. I sit and I listen to the endless monotone voice of the instructor echo in my head, moreover I embrace my enthusiasm to learn new design techniques, yet the long-awaited half-period break to get my “mankouche” tempts me. At last, I say my good-bye and await the next day. 

Since I last reported to you about what has been going on, well much has been going on. We learned how to draw the feet and the shoes but we didn’t focus on that, we continued to learn about the face details, learned about the different body types and how to copy a posture from a picture to paper—while possibly changing the proportions. In addition, we learned about the basics and essentials of skirts and pants, shirts, buttons and Velcro, as well as the foundation of pattern-making in pleats, seams, and darts.

Today, we were challenged to transform a simple shirt into a different garment. We were then introduced to the primary/ secondary/ tertiary colors to understand better “le marriage des couleurs”—colors matching— and “les femmes de saisons”—woman of seasons, which means every woman is the picture of a season and she needs to represent it with specific tones, colors, and texture.

Exercise by Adria and I

Intentional asymmetrical cut from the back

The Making Of

This exercise that I videotaped was done during this second week of the course by friend Adria and me & it briefly consisted in a small revision of the parts of a shirt but also a start to think out of the box and visualize/ create a garment beginning from another one.

We were allowed to cut the original garment but we decided not to do so. 
As you can see in the video, we turned the right side of the shirt to the back of the mannequin. 
We took the sleeves to hide the bosom meanwhile creating a deep cleavage. We added pleats at the level of the shoulders in order to give the top more volume and expression.
We used the shirt collar as a type of belt at the waist while leaving the part that joins the sleeves from the back fall down as if to form a cowl neck.
At the back, we buttoned the shirt while skipping the last button in order to give to the back an intentional asymmetrical cut.

Exercise by Fabienne and Christina

Exercise by Fabienne and Christina

Exercise by Cynthia and Rayya

I hope you enjoy and appreciate my work through the pictures and videos, keep tuning for more soon!!

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