Monday, July 22, 2013

My Third (and regretful) Week at Esmod

   Today is the beginning of the fourth and last week of the fashion design course I am attending at Esmod. During the third week, we learnt about the different weaving methods, the types of threads and fabrics that we got familiar with at touch, and we had two sessions of “coloriage”—in English coloring. I know that I am writing now in cold blood, truth is, I regret going to Esmod a lot. 
   Last Thursday, we started working on our mood boards for the collection of our—first and—final project; we were very limited and restricted in our choices and we spent the whole day cutting out magazines. The final project consists in making up a collection of 10 to 15 pieces and dress up two mannequins at least, on paper. 
   During the last couple of days, the teacher that supposedly teaches us has taken too much credit so he is leaving the class at his wish for hours almost (the class pays him 280$/hour). In addition, I noticed that the administration there does not care. Last Friday was a continuation of Thursday and I have decided not to attend the course. I had already finished my mood board and it wasn’t worth it anyway to pay the hateful cab and get stuck in traffic twice to sit with my friends on our own and doodle pieces of ideas on paper—because I can do this alone at home. 
  In the weekend, I got sick and I had a horrible stomachache; so I stayed in today as well. When I asked my friends on Whatsapp what they were up to in class, they merely did anything. Indeed, they were sitting on their own doodling pieces of ideas while the teacher was still absent. I’m happy I stayed home. At least, I slept a good deal and I even started to get inspired by and draw clothes from net-a-porter. Tomorrow, I’m going—and if the teacher decides to leave the class, I’m going to call him back.

moodboard: theme of the night

Illustration Exercise at home from Net-a-porter pieces

Illustration Exercise at home from Net-a-porter pieces

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