Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Feel of Mountain before Travel

   Last weekend, I slept over at my friend’s house in the mountains of Faqra and Faraya to enjoy the last weekend before I come back in Lebanon from Turkey. In fact, I am planning to travel to Bodrum, Turkey, a city on the seaside—I’ll tell you about my vacay later. (Back to the mountains), I drove there on my own for the first time—from now on I’ll be doing it more often. The weather was just perfect: medium warm with a cool breeze. Moreover, I enjoyed my time there, like always: We watched the sunset and visited the stables then we met our friends, had dinner together, chilled, played games, had great laughs, and stayed up late. I’m already excited to go back when I’m here again.   

   I was wearing an H&M t-shirt, Roxy shorts, blue Bensimon, Vintage bracelets plus my silver Balenciaga wrist leather wrap, and Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses.

How beautiful is this sunset?


St├ęphanie said...

i like ur style !! yr are pretty!!!

Elsa Abi-Khalil said...
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Elsa Abi-Khalil said...

Thank youu, keep tuning then ;)