Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Time of Major Celebration

    Like every year, and as I told you last year, on the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, friends and family gather in the mountain villages of Kfardebian, Faqra or Faraya, and sleep over in chalets or at the hotels. Around this period of major celebration, exhibitions, festivals, games, and parties are happening at either Faqra or Faraya. I spent this time of feast with my friends at my best friend’s chalet and we did not miss on anything—from watching the fireworks at midnight to skipping sleep for party!

Where: At the horse stables
Wear: Crop Top and Jegging from Topshop, Platform shoes from Zara.

Where: At Faqra's exhibition

Where: Faqra's exhibiton
What: Having a La Duree icecream moment

Where: Faqra's exhibition
What: Satisfying my Croissant-au-Chocolat morning crave at Paul

Wear: H&M T shirt, Roxy beach shorts, and Zara platform shoes

Where: Faqra Club
What: The mass celebrating & honoring the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Where: Mix Fm "Decadance" party at Jonction

Where: At the garden in front of my friend's house.
What: It's like almost 6 am and I haven't slept yet, (came back from party).

Wear: Sandro sweatshirt, purple denim shorts, Zara platform shoes, and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

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