Friday, August 23, 2013

Babel Baher at Amchit

   Last Friday, my family and I were invited to the grand opening of the grandiose and majestic lighthouse on the seashore. Yes, the five-star restaurant chain Babel has opened its new doors in Amchit already, a city that is a few kilometers north of Byblos.
   When we arrived at destination, what held my attention first was the vastness of the place and the dim lights on the sandy stone walls of the masonry. The car stopped under an Eiffel tower-like construction and the Valet took care of it.

   Hosts welcomed us at the first steps of the huge entrance and led us towards the stairs. We then followed our path into a long tunnel that finally opened up to the indoor space of the restaurant—because they do have a terrace. For a moment, I really felt like I was breaking into a sort of Lebanese dream castle. Likewise, the dream went on when I sat on my respective table and chair and lifted up my head to see a ceiling of starry sky lights.

   As soon as we sat, waiters rushed to our tables to start serving dinner with the Babel signature assortments of seafood mezze and salads such as, Tabbouleh and Fattouch. (One thing worth noting is that fish substitutes beef and chicken in all dishes, this is a fish restaurant!)

From left to right: Batata mahrousse with abou senn, Tajen Samak, Hendbeh and calamari, Kebbe samak nayye.

And we had to visit the toilets—I’m always curious about the toilets! Obviously, the toilets were impeccable because the place is new. I particularly appreciated the towels that were provided amply instead of toilet paper. Yet, one thing I disliked is that there is nowhere—and I really mean nowhere—for a lady to place her bag while washing her hands.

The double mirror on the sides gives a quadrupling effect on the number of washstands.

I agree with Anthony from NGNO in that the service was impeccable except that the waiters were inviting us too much, nearly pleading, to taste from everything, (but of course, it’s only positive). The sudden moment when I paused on food I felt like I haven’t stopped eating for about 30 minutes—a thing that I have never done before even at weddings or Christmas buffets!

You can find more details about the food here; and I will agree again with Anthony that dessert was the disappointment of the evening. With all the Lebanese sweets we have, it is just unfair to spare that! Instead, we were offered a variety of fresh fruits but also candied fruits and some dessert I discovered there, a mix of “Jazzarieh”—candied pumpkin—haleweh, almond and pistachio nuts.

Candied fruits, from left to right: figs, bou sfeir, dates, areh


   After that—yes, we’re not done yet—the waiters proposed to serve us Turkish Cardamom coffee, and then, we left. Walking through the tunnel again I spotted a wooden elevator on the corner a few steps away from the stairs—and of course we took it, we could barely walk with all the food we have eaten!

The inside of the elevator is decorated like an old wooden boat!

To be honest, I’m sure that I’m going to pay Babel Amchit a second visit pretty soon, not only for the food but also because I really want to enjoy having a awesome meal on their must-try terrace!


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Interesting Review

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