Monday, August 12, 2013

So Much to Do in Bodrum, Turkey!

    Last Sunday I took off to Bodrum, Turkey, with my friend Antoine to enjoy some vacations there. I joined my best friend Tala whom her family has rented a beautiful apartment (pool included) next to the seaside and the center of Bodrum town. I stayed there with the family, while Antoine booked a hotel room. Although Turkey is pretty close to Lebanon on the map, it was my first time there! I am really thankful to Tala and her family because they have helped my trip to be at the top best.

Pool view

Balcony view from appart.

Sitting by the pool side

Sunday: We arrived at Bodrum around 2 or 3pm. We had lunch at the Midtown mall and then went back to the apartment to swim in the pool. We stayed in at night and had a needed good night sleep.

Monday: we went to visit the towns near Bodrum by car and we stopped at a luxurious mall in Yali Kavak—18 km away from Bodrum and kind of a Zeytuna Bay only nicer. In addition, I made some purchases from the amazing Mudo store, including the 100% cellulose hat that I would be wearing for the rest of the vacay. Back to the apartment, we swam in the pool again but for the last time during my trip. At night, we went out to Bodrum’s center where we stayed up very late till about 2 am. I bought some wonderful and unique small needlepoint embroideries. We had dinner at a random place at the market. We walked in a bar fast and drank shots.

 Tuesday: we went to visit different villages of Bodrum again and we stopped at a place where it sold mother of pearls decorations and recipients. I bought a hair buckle, a necklace, small bowls, and flower candle supports. We had lunch on the deck and I had a shrimp pasta dish with calamari and French fries as starters. We then went to the Avenue mall where I got my brother T-shirts and a swimming suit from Quicksilver. By the time, we got back to the apartment it was already 6 pm so our plans of tanning at the beach were a fail. Instead, we just had a swim at the beach and I gathered up little nice stones that I got with me to Lebanon in a small water bottle. At night, we went to Bodrum’s center again to buy from the silver shop. Later at night, we went clubbing at Halikarnas night club, the biggest and most beautiful night club I’ve ever been to yet; they played great English songs with just a little of Turkish and there was a great show of dancers and athletes.

 Wednesday: We couldn’t wake up in the morning to go swim with the dolphins, but, luckily there was a second trip in the afternoon that we went to. Before Tala, Antoine, and I went to the dolphins’ park, we went to the accessories shop that I have spotted the night before; in addition, Tala and I bought many semi-precious gemstones for three times nothing!—including Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis, red Coral, and marble.  At the dolphin’s park, we waited our turn for what it felt like ages. And our turn finally arrived, we were a bit tense because it was a new experience, but soon the dolphin trainer lifted up our spirits and showed us how to behave around the princess of the sea. The trainer split up our turn in two with a dolphin break in between because the dolphin has been tired for working all day. During the dolphin’s break, the trainer brought us to see the sea lion to make up for the dolphin’s performance; and that’s when shortly after, I slipped and fell on my knee, which got badly injured. I didn’t get to make the dolphin sing for me and go on a ride on its back—sadness. Moreover, the bus left without us—anger. We went to have dinner in Bodrum center then we went to the boat night club, the Catamaran. I wasn’t in the best mood, you can understand, still, I managed to enjoy my time.

Thursday: (and last day) we went on a trip all day from early morning till late afternoon to tan on a boat and dive into the sea. We went on a buoy and banana boat ride, the last, which was a near-death experience, (I almost got hit by the engine of the boat that was waiting for us to leave).  At night, we enjoyed our first and last Turkish dinner in peace and quiet and hung out in Bodrum center for the last time this summer.

Friday: we took off to Beirut early in the morning and arrived home in the middle of the afternoon. Antoine and I had great laughs in the plane so much we were drunk-tired!
All in all, I had a blast and I enjoyed my time with my friends and Tala’s family—we did good shopping, tanned, went clubbing twice, went on a boat trip, and met the dolphins!

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