Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What to Pack for a Summer Escape!

   I thought it would be more politically correct to share with you what you should pack for your summer vacation after finding out myself on the trip to Bodrum (Turkey) whether some things were necessary while others were not. For example, I could really do without the heels!

   Counting the essentials,

The 3 shoes: Flip flops, sandals, and sneakers, (really no need for booties/heels)
Underwear and socks as many nights as you’re staying
Travel first-aid kit, including bandage and antibiotic cream--in case of minor cuts and scrapes—and pills for colds and flu, and motion sickness (flight, boat)
Essential make-up kit with key statement accessories

One empty bag in case of luggage overloads (shopping).
One additional white t-shirt—doesn’t hurt.

Silk sundress—beach cover-up or swanky nighttime outfit with the right accessories

Beach time:
Hat, sunglasses, and beach bag
Sunscreen (applicable to face) and tanning lotion
3 swimsuits plus one beach cover-up.
2 short shorts for the beach and their top.

Night out:
2 casual shorts for a night out/ clubbing
1 shorts overall for a night out/ clubbing

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