Thursday, September 5, 2013

Medugorje, Heaven on Earth

   Have you ever heard of the village of Medugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina? It is a blessed village and the proof of the existence of God in Christianity. This is due to the blessed Virgin Mary's apparitions to the 6 voyeurs and her countless miracles.
You can look it up on Google, it's a long story.
   So yes I am here, with my lovely Teta (grandma in arabic) and my best friend. It's the first time we visit here, except for my friend Nour it is the third. Nour was saying how much fun we are going to have here when we were still in Lebanon; yet I was skeptical at the beginning, I thought that there was nothing of having a blast when praying. Well, I thought wrong, I am having a blast here! I can even say that it is my best travel trip ever ever! There is nothing more beautiful than Medjugorje (I have been to a lot of places in Europe, including France, Italy, and Spain). I cannot explain it, but being close to God and feeling his presence is one of the best things I have experienced and it will be forever inked in my memories.
   I have pictures from the first two days that I took with my Nikon Coolpix P500 only; my camera's battery died and I discovered that I did not get my charger adapter. Thanks God I had my S4. It's kind of a bummer but I'm doing without it. So you are going to have to wait for the better pictures when I come back to Lebanon on Wednesday.

   Now, do I think that I have changed? I don't know, but it's only positive.

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