Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer, Please Don't Go!

   It’s the first Sunday after I go back to college and the weather is still really hot and I still want to be in bikini at the beach. That Sunday my family and I went to have lunch at Babel Baher in Amchit—yes the one I wrote a review about it riight here. This time, I loved the food even more because we actually ordered what we want, so we were served with choice and quantity—you can also choose the restaurant’s formula to serve you a complete meal (mezze, fish, and dessert included) for about $50 per person. Plenty shrimp and calamari plates came to the table like the pouring rain—YUM. Not to mention the fish, it was served all raw, fried, and baked. But let’s not talk about the dessert, because you all know what happens there. We sat on the terrace, enjoyed the sea view and snapped pictures as well!

   I was wearing a Philip Lim 3.1 Dalmatian printed and check dress, Chanel earrings, and DKNY black leather heels; I was holding my mom’s Chanel grey caviar shopping bag (stolen with approvalJ).

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