Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marble, Marble

   White marble is the most exquisite stone this season! I haven't stopped hearing about it starting with Balenciaga's new famous print by Alexander Wang to my Introduction of Art course with my genuine teacher in class. Quite pure, sleek, and avant-garde, the marble is a versatile design meant to match the monochrome trend and bring a new twist to our closet this fall. Simple to wear and easy to pull off, the marble print is definitely a must-buy of the season!!!

I am startled in front of these pictures considering the grandeur and the amount of the white "makrana" marble used to build the Taj Mahal entirely.

I am happy of this marble necklace purchase from Bodrum, Turkey, during my vacations. Only, I wish I have gotten another string of the beads to make a longer necklace... Kind of an edgy version of the classical pearl sautoirs. 

Love the Balenciaga sneakers, except they are for men. Next time, I wish Alexander Wang considers to make a version for women with compensated heels.

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