Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sushilizing at Maki Gourmet with AUBOC

   Last Monday, I attended the “Sushilizing” Tweet Up dinner at Maki Gourmet, Beirut, which was a very successful social media-mingling event. Personally, it was the first time that I attend such an event and particularly one hosted and supported by the AUB Online Collaborative team, which I am now a member of proudly—representing the marketing officer, if you must know.

   Concerning the venue, I can pull two thumbs up, not only is the interior design of the restaurant really dashing and perfectly fitting for the event, but we also enjoyed the entire restaurant all for ourselves. Concerning the atmosphere, everyone present at the dinner was in the best mood to “sushilize” and the background pop music was cheering us all up even more!
 Concerning the food service, it wasn’t outstanding, needless to say, my first time there was a deception too. Concerning the Maki, they were one of the best I have really ever had! Considering the quality of the Maki, the cleanliness, the creative assortments, the taste and the price, it’s an easy A+ rating. Moreover, they have a dessert version of Maki with Nutella—delicious! Concerning the drinks and alcoholic if you may, they were taken care of especially by a tasteful barman yet clumsy—Oups (Reference to a failed attempt to juggle with a small water bottle). Besides that, I had an exquisite Passion fruit alcoholic drink and, funny but true, I loved it to the extent I was in to the last sip that I nearly choked on the fruit seeds, which dropped to the bottom of the glass.
Concerning the organization of the event, it was very well thought of and prepared; as you came in the restaurant, a waitress approaches you to get your name off the list, gives you a sticker to write down your twitter account, and invites you to sit down.
Concerning the tweeting, it was intense with everyone making new acquaintances, following one another, tweeting about the food, the drinks, the lyrics music, and the whole night. In addition, the person handling the social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) of @MGourmetBei was attending too!—he’s lovely btw.

   As we left, we received a goodie bag that included a menu and a small Nutella pot. A small Nutella pot covered with a campaign sticker, I would say. Is this an effective marketing strategy? If Maki Gourmet knows its customers pretty well, perhaps they believe that we are big fans of Nutella. Therefore, they believe that we will be using their campaign Nutella pot often. Then, every other morning, will I be thinking, “I miss it there? Let’s go have lunch or dinner there? I want sushi?” I don’t know yet, but I’ll definitely update you about that!

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