Monday, November 11, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M Pre-order

 The countdown of Isabel Marant for H&M launching line is tiring off many people. Unfortunately, there's not much left to lust for... In fact, this season, H&M in Lebanon has decided to get special invitations for pre-order and get the chosen people a chance to try out the clothes during a session in order to know exactly what fits them or not. 
 Having attended the past special designer limited editions for H&M, particularly that of Marni with the same pre-order concept, people got fooled by the clothes size--meaning is they bought too tight or even too large pieces. This try-out initiative was meant to let customers know what they were paying for. Besides the sizing issue, I loved the initiative because I was able to see, touch, and feel the clothes on me (the big monochrome wool coat) and I was also able to think with a straight mind what I wanted and what I wasn't going to wear--without second thoughts and worry that someone might take away the piece.

 H&M proceeded in three full day sessions in many H&M locations that were appointed on the phone with the manager on condition of having received an invitation for pre-order. Lucky we were, mom scheduled it on the first day, Thursday, at CityCenter at 7pm. My mom, my sister, and I got a full hour to shop. It was pretty cool. Moreover, us three have different taste and style but wear around the same size so when I get bored of my stuff I can still count on borrowing from either my mom or my sister.

 During check-out though, we found out some items to be sold out in specific sizes or even, in all sizes, like the booties. Likewise, with my choices I even sold out some pieces too--that was a moment of felt exclusiveness haha. By the second or third day, it wouldn't be a surprise to learn that they have already sold out the entire line. I'm feeling sorry for those who are still waiting for the 14th--but I wouldn't trade!!! So this was early bad news... Me, I'm just waiting for the 14th for my purchase to be  delivered home.

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