Friday, November 15, 2013

La folie Isabel Marant x H&M!!

Yesterday morning, while I was still peacefully asleep, some serious craziness went down at H&M in ABC Ashrafieh. There were masses of people gathered in front of the store early before the opening and unveiling of the Isabel Maranttited line. Friends told me it was crazy, and at some point, people even started to mix H&M items with Isabel Marant x H&M items. Funny story, my friend told me that they tried to snatch her bag--which wasn't part of the collection, obviously. Crazy.
(Following photo credits: Tamara Chehab and ABC group)

I received my items around noon with Aramex.

Later at night, when my mom came back 
home, she told me she went in the morning
to take a look and apparently she enjoyed watching the crowd fighting over items because she had already pre-ordered.
She also told me that she bought the sequined legging in size 42 which wasn't available during pre-order. Yet, today she will exchange it because it's too big and delicate--sequins started to falling off while trying it on. Besides that, it gave an impression of "plummage".

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