Saturday, November 30, 2013

Young Wilderness, the New Cool is a very new fashion e-commerce site founded by 22-year-old AUB graduates, Hiba and Yasmine. The brand is meant to dress the frenzy quirky and daring young woman to basically experiment and have fun with her wardrobe and be dressed according to her style and character. Indeed, offers an offbeat but wonderful graphic designs in leggings, crop tops, and body leotards; it also sells Vintage clothes. Last thursday, I visited the girls in their office to discuss an interview. I just realized that I should have taken some pictures there! Anyway, I still managed to make the most out of my visit, tried on a few leggings, and ended up buying this one!--It's called the hispters. Of course, it wasn't the first time I have a look at their stuff, I visited their website (HERE), let's say like a billion times. I definitely    want to wear them soon and of course I'll show you here! Most importantly, don't forget to tag your purchases with #YWprints #YWvintage and #YoungWilderness to be featured on their website!

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