Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birthday Punctuality

  I celebrated my birthday with my closest friends last Friday at Maki Gourmet, a sushi restaurant, then went down to Mar Mikhael to continue our night.

   No, but I still can't believe that I was actually late for my birthday. A good hour. I'm late even on my birthday. My friends, far from being mad at me, made a joke out of it; it's like I planned a surprise birthday party for myself. Hilarious. Except that or even this included, we had lots of fun! Also, I was spoiled with gifts (thank you loves), and my cake (Bahamas from Pate a Choux) was just yummy-in-my-tummy!

   For this special occasion, I chose to wear the waxed red leather pants by Isabel Marant x H&M, Miss Selfridges embellished crop top, Repetto black camille flats, and miu miu cross bag.

Birthday Princess

Mar Mikhael Gas Station, where I parked my car

Cake leftovers and going back home

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