Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Caviar Appetizer

Tradition holds in the family that on Christmas' eve of every year, the family gathers at home to celebrate the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the start of the long-awaited cultural holiday, this moment of family reunion, and last but not least, to savor all the delicious food in the buffet dinner (turkey included) my mom has prepared for the occasion. Honestly, i have learnt cooking the most from my mom and I thought that it wouldn't be bad to share with you the new additions she made to our typical Christmas menu. Among them is the caviar appetizer which is a buttered sweet bun toast with black caviar that sits on top of an avocado mousse. In the next post, I'll be sharing with you the recipe of mango grilled shrimps salad. 

For about 35 pieces you will need, 

1 avocado
10 Cl of whipping cream
2 tbsp of lemon juice
3 drops of Tabasco
Sprinkle of salt
Sprinkle of ginger powder
About 35 mini sweet bun toast (I got from Pain D'or)
50 g of butter
50 g Black caviar (Kesteloot brand)

Smash the avocado into puree with a fork.
Add the lemon juice and mix until homogeneous.
Whip the cream lightly and incorporate it to the avocado mixture.
Add the salt, Tabasco, and ginger powder. Mix well and refrigerate.
Soften the butter in the microwave (not melt) and spread it on the bread.
Put one spoon of avocado mousse and top it with black caviar.

Et voila you can enjoy this starter with wine, before the main course dinner, for a special occasion like this New Year's eve or for a regular gathering between friends or family!

Tips: You can do the same, without the avocado mousse, with red caviar and an added lemon slice on top of it.

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