Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Shopping

You cannot be feeling the Christmas spirit if not by getting stuck in the crazy traffic lights of the highway. Yet, far from it being a kind of hassle like morning work traffic, people seems okay with it but mostly happy for going Christmas shopping.
This year, Marc Jacobs is being generous; for our gift purchase they gave us phone studs that you actually plug in the earphones hole.
I thought... good way to defend yourself with all these stories of mugging coming up. You see, here in Lebanon, we don't have the pepper spray invention. Violence is always the answer for violence (sarcasm).
Besides that, I was really disappointed with Abercrombie and Fitch because I ordered clothes worth more than 300 dollars, which isn't nothing, to San Francisco, at my cousin's appartement (so he would bring them with him when he's back among us and he is now). Problem is, Abercrombie packed the wrong package, 2 XL Men sweatshirts. I'm soo mad I was waiting to wear this sweater and this sweatshirt and that ripped-off jeans. But I'm also mad because I'm not sure if Dad is going to be okay with me ordering again... what would be the probability of this to happen again? Regardless, it's a really bad experience with online buying. I just really hate this employee who packed the wrong order because my order was amazing. Yes, I'm getting emotional. And now I can't help thinking about all those bad reviews of service that Abercrombie and Fitch have on the Internet. At least, I got this beanie from Urban Outfitters!

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