Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mango Grilled Shrimps Salad

 The second recipe on the Christmas menu that I will be sharing, is not any ordinary shrimp avocado salad. The sauce mainly consists of mango that brings a fresh, exotic, and sweet taste, as well as, a new twist to the usual salad found on the menu of restaurants.
 Before enumerating the required ingredients and steps for this recipe, I will tell you a funny story for the entertainment of this blog.
 One day, I went to the Grocery store with mom and at that time, I was confused with the different varieties of avocados there existed. Because there really is many avocado varieties but I couldn't tell what was the difference in taste. To not seem dumber, I made sure the different varieties of avovado looked different by surfing the web. Aside the green ostrich skin and pear-shaped avocado, there's another uglier, more rounded shape with a darker blotched skin. So I spotted these two varieties at the Fruits and Legumes section and I touched the freckled rounder one to investigate on the fruit's ripeness. It seemed like a soft, savory, and full of ripe avocado. The helper at the section gave me a look of attitude and miscomprehension. I took advantage of his attention and I asked him,
"Chou el fare2 ben heyda el avoca w heydak el avoca?" (What's the difference between this avocado and that avocado?), while pointing towards the more beautiful avocado. 
He replied,
"Madame heyda Mango" (It's a Mango!)
And suddenly, I burst out laughing so hard out of misbelief, shock, and extreme embarassement. How the hell have I confounded between the two? It's not the first time I see a mango neither an avocado. I'm going back to Kindergarten!

For about 25 servings you will need,

1 Mango
1 Avocado
4 handful of Loose-leaf or Romaine lettuce
4 handfuls of Rocket
1 tsp pink peppercorn, crushed
The juice of 1 orange
3 tbsp Olive oil
2 tsp Garlic based seasoning
2 tsp Paprika powder
2 tbsp of white distilled vinegar
About 50 fresh jumbo shrimps (preferable), can be replaced with commercial

Cookware and Cutlery:
Food processor, for the sauce
Pan, for the shrimps
Large platter, to serve salad

Wash the mangoes, avocado, orange, lettuce, and rocket.
The sauce:
Mix one Half of the mango, cut into smaller pieces, with the olive oil and fresh orange juice in the food processor. Add the peppercorn, then, mix until homogeneous.

Wash the shrimps with the vinegar and remove the heads. Brush the shrimps with olive oil, garlic seasoning, and Paprika powder, then, put to cook on a pan for a minute or 2 on each sides.

Cut the avocado into cubes and the rest of the mango into smaller cubes.
[Tips about cutting mangoes]

Place the lettuce and the rocket on a large platter, put the avocado and mango on top and dress with the sauce. Add the shrimps on top and pour over the sauce on each individually.

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