Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday Brunch at Mondo

   Last Sunday I had the best brunch ever at Caffe Mondo in Phoenicia Intercontinental hotel, Ain el Mreisseh. No, it wasn't just the best of all because of where it was, yet, mostly because this breakfast/lunch buffet is open from 11 am till 4pm. So any dysfunctional family with punctuality issues (like mine) can always manage to arrive on time. Or even you can consider it a brunch that leaves you sleep in. Likewise, there is no rush, which is again the beauty of a brunch--just relaxing and enjoying a Sunday brunch. No worries--it's not like I have final exams this coming week, and basically that is the reason why I haven't been posting!
   Regarding the atmosphere, I just wish they played some low music in the background; the faces of people would have looked less like a stressful Monday morning! Regarding the service, it was impeccable--really nothing to add or complain about!
Besides that, let's have a look at the buffet menu through the pictures, which is btw really worth its 55,000L.L.

Personally, I liked the chocolate croissant, which had a hint of hazelnut, and the vanilla cream ones. They also had croissant with sausages but I didn't like it because it was somehow dry.

The pizza was a bit cold when i ate it (2pm), but the salads were really worth trying without disappointment. Yet, if you have an allergy on a certain food like tomatoes or olives, be careful.
Above are some fish platters; I particularly loved the salmon tomato spaghetti topped with cheese gratin.

Here, a picture of the spaghetti described above, along with a whole piece of salmon steamed with tomatoes, and a wheat salad.

The typical sushi of Phoenicia's buffets (positive thoughts).


The dessert, the largest, and my favorite section!

This Macaron did not just look nice for the fun of it but the biscuit really tasted like strawberries and red berries naturally, also I preferred the light whipping cream instead of the usual thick and high on sugar ganache for the filling.

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