Friday, December 20, 2013

That Sunday Brunch

I can finally breathe after these two stressful weeks of preparing for my end-of-semester final exams. And I allowed myself to sleep in this morning until 3pm and January is ahead of me. No, January is going to be far more productive and I plan to launch a new blog about media and marketing while of course keeping this one. On this final point, I will leave you with the outfit I wore on the brunch at Mondo two weeks ago.
Actually I just remembered something funny that hapened that day and I'm going to tell you about it before I jump to the outfit details.
While I was posing for my brother to snap the few pictures for me, my car arrived and the Valet pulled out of it and waited patiently. My brother and I were just a few steps farther away from the car and were about to reach it, when, suddenly, a middle aged man started crying over his car and shouting at the valet with anger and misbelief "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CAAR?!" He was nearly dancing, he got closer to his car, and noticing better the broken rear view mirror and the huge scrap on the side, he kept on yelling after the valet who was turning his back to him, waiting to hand me my car. "Ma32oul bta3mlo hek bel Phoenicia???!!" (In arabic, "is it possible that u make this kind of mistake in a service of a luxurious hotel?") The man must have thought how rude the Valet man is, even ignoring him!
Then all this happened in a matter of seconds: I approached to get into my car, and the man realized it was My car, not his! I saw him step back, hiding his face in the shadow from the daylight, humiliated and embarassed of himself for pulling such a scandalous scene in front of the chic uptight clientele of Phoenica. His face turned tomato red and he then started apologizing to me because he thought it was his car, apparently he has the same one--VW white Golf. My brother and I were laughing so hard, but we could barely let out a sound from how much we both ate. On the road back home, we laughed again and again. hahahaha I can still laugh!

(P.S. I should say that it was a truck that hit my car and made these scars, anyway I will put it at the garage during this holidays)

For this day out, I wore the lace black leather Isabel Marant x H&M pants, H&M assymetric beige shirt, and Zara Merino wool coat. Adding on this, I wore my heeled Repetto flats and Fendi tote. Oh and my new Gucci watch, leaf bangle, Lapis Lazuli beads bracelet, and Pandora charms bracelet.

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