Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girls Late Brunch

Yesterday, Saturday, we were invited at my friend Manu's house for a brunch at noon. We all came two hours late because we caught in a web of NYE's bad habits of sleeping and waking up really late. The alarm wakes me up at 10:30 am but there was no way I could get out of bed... until 12 something. I got out of bed and I had a lot to do between preparing the milkshake I had put in mind to get and taking
a shower. I lost my pants that I had in mind to wear so while looking into my mom's closet, I found something even better. I ended up wearing her Isabel Marant x H&M pants with a Zara kaki long sleeves top and Massimo Dutti knit cover-up. I slipped my feet into my Repettos and ran out of the house carrying my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and the Milkshake bottles to the car!
After quite a heavy brunch, we shared the epiphany cake into six parts in advance to the tradition held on the 6th of January. Yet, like every year, I ended up being the queen too. I was bragging about it even before finding out. I was the one to cut the cake but it has nothing to do with treachery because, then, to be fair, Manu has asked her housemaid to give us the parts just at random. With that, I ended up winning. What's meant to be is meant to be. And fate doesn't cheat.
Later that day, we met up with some other friends at Starbucks, Kaslik, and it is where I took the pictures for the outfit!

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