Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mom Day and Schedule Troubles

    There's nothing like spending some time with mom one on one, have her just for me, lunch and shopping included. This was just two days before I go back to AUB and start this crazy week. I'm having troubles with my schedule. On one side, there's this gorgeous teacher who's very chilled out and doesn't give assignments, but, his class is at 8 am and he doesn't correct exams although he claims to have a very high, if not the highest, average of all sections. On the other side, there's the coordinator of the course, much older, gives lots of assignments and is stricter, but, the class is at 12:30 pm and I have more of my friends in this class. It's an easy course they say, so is it worth it to do all the assignments? Or is it worth it to wake up too early? Later today, when I asked at the student services, they did not allow me to change sections anymore. So one tip for you indecisive people like me, let time deal with your choices if you can't make them!

    On Mom day, I was wearing a beige Massimo Dutti V neck knit, Diesel jeans, vintage necklace, Burberry scarf, ChloĆ© cross bag, and black heeled Repettos!

Mom peekaboo

I ended up buying this black sheer dress from Bebe in the background, for partying purposes!


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