Monday, January 13, 2014

Visiting LAU Jbeil

   I'm kind of living an amazing summer holiday in winter. In fact, it is the first year that AUB (American University of Beirut), where I study, links the Christmas holidays with the end-of-semester holidays. Result, we have over a month of vacations! The spring semester starts in two weeks, it's not like I miss college, or I might, but anyway that's not my point here, I went to visit my unlucky friends who are still in the midst of their final exams at LAU (Lebanese American University). We spent the whole day there, mainly at their spot that they call Jacuzzi (at AUB, there's a similar place where we hang out too, but we call it the zoo).
   That day, I stole my sister's black bf jeans from Zara (now she's going to find out about it) and I wore with it this exquisite Isabel Marant for H&M belt. I matched the lower outfit with a Gap knit kind of sweatshirt, black heeled Repetto flats, and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

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