Friday, February 21, 2014

Kabab Ji, Bliss Street


Everybody loves Kabab Ji once in a while. But when it was one of the only healthy, clean, and tasteful food solution on Bliss street, (before the opening of Urbanista and the coming opening of Paul), you grow bored of it after some time.
Kabab Ji is a Lebanese restaurant that serve special poultry/meat/kebab sandwiches and other Lebanese dishes like the “Lahem Baajin” meatloaf, the Tabbouleh salad, Hummus, Labneh, and pastry among others.

The employees at Kabab Ji are very Lebanese and it’s like they expect you to  get used to their service instead of giving attention to the customers. In fact, they can do much better on their customer service. Yesterday, I was staying late at AUB and I decided to go to Kabab Ji for a late lunch. I come in and I sit down and after a few moments, a waiter rushes to my table and gives me the menu. I dismiss it and tell him that I am ready to order. He calls another waiter to take my usual order: one grilled veal Lebanese bread sandwich without the cheap pickles with french fries and tomato slices, 3 pieces of baked cheese cigarette pastry, and a small bottle of water. 

The waiter relied on his failing memory instead of taking notes; a minute after he went off, he comes back to ask me again whether I wanted the pastry fried or baked. After 5 to 10 minutes, the waiter comes back with 2 pieces of baked cheese pastry roll instead of 3. It’s okay I didn’t say anything, a few less calories is never a problem. I didn’t wait much for the sandwich because it wasn’t lunch peak time. I grab the sandwich and I take the first bite. Okay, good enough. And I take another bite. The third bite unleashed a burnt black-charcoal slice of onion. It was awful, it made the sandwich taste bitter. 

How reckless can the cook be? He could have thrown away this onion and have it replaced with another one. Doesn’t he care about what he puts in his sandwiches? I called the waiter and told him what’s wrong with my sandwich and he answered even worse. Instead of apologizing, he replied to me that it’s not burnt, not that it’s obviously black. I can even say that he seemed bothered by my remark. I answered that the cook could have paid more attention to what he was putting in the sandwich. He turns his back and speaks to the cook that’s on the assembly line of sandwiches. Then I hear the cash register woman just in front of me burst out laughing mimicking the guy’s words, “se2abit”, or in English “it happened” as if it’s no big deal. The cook is really not concerned with the quality of sandwiches he serves, not at all.

 Then, I was waiting so I assumed alone that maybe he was preparing another sandwich for me. Nearly after another 5 to 10 minutes, the waiter comes back to me with another sandwich and says that they are very very sorry undoubtedly with a hint of irritation. I take a bite of the new sandwich. It was obscenely cold, even the French fries. I finished my sandwich, I wanted to leave.

I strongly believe that Kabab Ji should train their personnel to have a more professional attitude, improve their manners, and be at the attention of their customers. Kabab Ji should focus on serving lebanese food, not the Lebanese attitude. Competition is becoming more severe on Bliss street, Paul and Roadster Diner are opening up soon. Therefore, I expect Kabab Ji to make additional efforts if they want to keep their customers coming. 


JeanPierre said...

Hi Elisa,

I understand this was a really bad experience, I am sorry you had to put up with it, we will put a new process in place to stop it from happening again.

I'd like to thank you so much for taking the time for leaving this review, otherwise we might have never know about the issue.

Could I please invite you to come back for lunch or dinner with a friend as our way of saying thank you and sorry?

If so please let me know when you would like to come in and I will arrange everything.


Elsa Abi-Khalil said...

Fact that you appreciate and thought of this review in the good way shows that you truly care about your customers.
Thank you for the invitation, I will let you know!

JeanPierre said...

Thanks for your kind words Elsa, please email me to whenever your hungry and I will take care of the rest.