Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

  I’m starting this Spring with a little more colors than usual! While I’m more into black and white monochrome colors and denim tones, I'm getting out of my comfort zone to try things that are different. 
  What I like most about this outfit is the embroidered flowers on the jeans! I loved how relevant it is to my current mood and season. 
  Because I can't see myself doing things in half measures, I enjoyed taking some shots of a couple blossoming flowers around AUB.

  Here, I am wearing a Sandro pink fluo knitted sweater, Topshop mint green crop top (underneath sweater) and rose embroidery Mom jeans, Prada sneakers, and Fendi monogram tote. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Follow Up with Kabab Ji

   Following my deprecatory review concerning Kabab Ji’s service on Bliss, I appreciated their kind response and their will to listen to customers critics to improve their problem. I got a response from Jean Pierre, who I may assume is the manager, to apologize over a meal. I accepted his apology and following my invitation, I realized a huge improvement on behalf of the staff attitude. The waiters were more professional and were at the attention of customers.
   I enjoyed the opportunity of this invitation to try something different from the grilled veal sandwiches I usually order. I tried two of three available meat loaf or Laham Baajin: the hot “Kabab Ji” that is love-matched for those big fans of anything spicy, and the meaty “Halabi” for protein lovers, but not only.
For delivery, you can check the menu here. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Weekends

   Every week, I look forward to being on week-ends. A little bit of rest from the hectic week-days at AUB and some time for my family as well as my friends that I don't see much otherwise.  Most of the times, I end up having dinner in a nice restaurant and later, joining some friends sitting at a bar. This happens at least once, the other days left I might opt for something more chill, but, I rarely stay at home--movies night perhaps.

   Yesterday, I had dinner at Le Relais de L'Entrecote, one of the landmark restaurants of both Paris and Geneva, in Beirut on Monot street. After that, I continued my evening at Bronx, one of the many pubs on Uruguay Street, Downtown, right next to Al Nahar Newspaper HQ building.

   I was wearing a Topshop long-sleeved checked crop top,  Isabel Marant x H&M waxed red leather pants, Theory leather jacket, and the newest addition to my shoes wardrobe, the Prada denim slip-on sneakers. Also, I was holding a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Victoria's Secret Now in Lebanon

The opening of Victoria’s Secret in Lebanon is an event I have been waiting for some time, years even. No more online lingerie shopping from decorria’s Secret website—now everything I need is at my arm’s reach. Yesterday, I attended the exclusive event for the launching of the shop in ABC Ashrafieh. Since today, it is open for everyone.
 When I first saw the place, I fell in love with it! It’s huge and most probably the largest lingerie shop here in Lebanon. Besides, the inside decor is captivating, charming, and lustful all at the same time, more particularly the fitting rooms. While shopping, you can find a lot of help all around you; also you can get your bra measurements for free and save it on a card note. Victoria's Secret will also deliver your bra for free at your door! The worst part for competitors in the market is that Victoria’s Secret is offering E V E R Y T H I N G—from bras to panties to all types of panties, and swimsuits and cover ups, as well as sweat pants and nightwear. As for design, they have all colors, prints, and lace. Considering quality and design, Victoria’s Secret is almost for free. For the clothes, expect a price around 50,000 L.L for a T-shirt and around 100,000 L.L. for a beach jumpsuit—almost like Zara, right? The lingerie is at a competitive price with the La Senza brand. For a large purchase greater than $200, you get a pink bag for free! (Just like the one in the picture)
Cheers to no more boring bras—boyfriends are lucky.

No Sneak-peeking!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Put on Your Boots After a Pedicure

The winter is over next week, but the weather in Lebanon, has just reminded itself of getting nasty. It's alright, but you have to put on your rainboots (in my case, they are Doc Martens jellies) and you go for a pedicure. And when you're done pimpering, you're kind of in a rush you want to leave. And you don't want to ruin your toes when you wear the shoes again.
No worries girls, here's what you can do:
First of all, you will need to use a plastic wrap/ cling film and some petroleum jelly (Vaseline).
Basically, you will just need to rub some Vaseline on your toe nails (on top of the oil that you can add once the topcoat dries off). Then, you can wrap everything into plastic. Make sure you are wearing socks.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Amal Azhari Fashion Show and Annual Dinner 2014


   Last Friday, on the 28th of February, I attended the annual fashion show and Gala dinner of Amal Azhari, the famous designer of the uniquely designed and embellished, long or short, see-through and silky Kaftan dresses.
   The event launched this Spring &Summer’s “Wind collection” at the Warehouse and Loft building, in Jisr el Wati. The huge place was lavishly decorated with some paintings and other pieces of art that exhibited during the event. The dinner was a sit-down buffet, catered by the reputed and tasteful Cat & Mouth; they had created the menu and the decor to fit with the main idea of the collection, the Lebanese typical inspired dress. You guessed it, it was Lebanese food. Among the attendees were Roula Kehdi, co-host at “Min El Ekher” TV show and Toni Breiss, Paris-based luxury events and wedding planner. After lusting over my favorites from the collection, I left like all attendees with a gift box, and inside of it an Amal Azhari designed scarf. Believe me or not I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer! 
   Between the attendees, the decor, and the atmosphere, I can definitely say that I enjoyed myself at this great evening! I am very enthusiastically looking forward to next year’s event! 
 Oh and I almost forgot to mention: I wore a crazy monster T-shirt from Topshop, Zara leather legging, Theory leather jacket, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M transparent heels, and, the best for last, the Saint Laurent Paris Betty Bag in black suede. About the hair, I asked for the hairdresser to make me a plaited Mohawk on top and to leave the rest of my hair to fall on the sides.

Roula Kehdi

Toni Breiss to the left
Designer Amal Azhari and the models wearing her Wind Collection
Designer Amal Azhari being interviewed by MBC TV, and earlier by MTV

The Scarf Gift