Friday, March 28, 2014

Follow Up with Kabab Ji

   Following my deprecatory review concerning Kabab Ji’s service on Bliss, I appreciated their kind response and their will to listen to customers critics to improve their problem. I got a response from Jean Pierre, who I may assume is the manager, to apologize over a meal. I accepted his apology and following my invitation, I realized a huge improvement on behalf of the staff attitude. The waiters were more professional and were at the attention of customers.
   I enjoyed the opportunity of this invitation to try something different from the grilled veal sandwiches I usually order. I tried two of three available meat loaf or Laham Baajin: the hot “Kabab Ji” that is love-matched for those big fans of anything spicy, and the meaty “Halabi” for protein lovers, but not only.
For delivery, you can check the menu here. 

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