Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Meeting with Dalia Catering

I met Elie Saliba, the elder son of Dalia Catering, in my PR for luxury events workshop at The Agenda Beirut. Only 26 years old and he is already dedicating his career to his family business; Ambitious I have to say, he is continuously looking for ways to improve the catering company and expand in Lebanon beyond the Jbeil area, which it is currently dominating.  For instance, Dalia catering is the sole supplier for food during the Byblos festivals in summer.
During the several sessions we attended, Elie talked much about Dalia's plans to expand and innovate, sometimes at a point, that I could not have imagined how already important Dalia is when I visited.
On the occasion of our last session in the workshop, Elie invited all of us (the workshop participants, the lecturer, as well as the founder of The Agenda) over at Dalia in Jbeil for a sumptuous dinner. Elie was kind enough to show us the place, where Dalia stores its equipment, napkins, and waiter costumes, in a small warehousing boutique a few meters accross the bigger Dalia. And it's before he made us visit the kitchen as well as the office, that I discovered the charming covered outdoor "table d’hôte" they offer as an added benefit to paying for their service.
The dinner was served as a buffet: starters on the couch with some sparkling water, because most of us were fasting on alcohol, then we moved to the table for some starters and salads, after that came the main dish, and finally, when I really thought my stomach was going to explode like a Piñata of goodness, dessert was served.


Maria Boustany said...

I LOVE this!!!! Very nice article :)

Elsa Abi-Khalil said...

Thaank youu Maria, and thank you for the amazing sessions xoxo