Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Weekends

   Every week, I look forward to being on week-ends. A little bit of rest from the hectic week-days at AUB and some time for my family as well as my friends that I don't see much otherwise.  Most of the times, I end up having dinner in a nice restaurant and later, joining some friends sitting at a bar. This happens at least once, the other days left I might opt for something more chill, but, I rarely stay at home--movies night perhaps.

   Yesterday, I had dinner at Le Relais de L'Entrecote, one of the landmark restaurants of both Paris and Geneva, in Beirut on Monot street. After that, I continued my evening at Bronx, one of the many pubs on Uruguay Street, Downtown, right next to Al Nahar Newspaper HQ building.

   I was wearing a Topshop long-sleeved checked crop top,  Isabel Marant x H&M waxed red leather pants, Theory leather jacket, and the newest addition to my shoes wardrobe, the Prada denim slip-on sneakers. Also, I was holding a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.



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