Thursday, March 20, 2014

Victoria's Secret Now in Lebanon

The opening of Victoria’s Secret in Lebanon is an event I have been waiting for some time, years even. No more online lingerie shopping from decorria’s Secret website—now everything I need is at my arm’s reach. Yesterday, I attended the exclusive event for the launching of the shop in ABC Ashrafieh. Since today, it is open for everyone.
 When I first saw the place, I fell in love with it! It’s huge and most probably the largest lingerie shop here in Lebanon. Besides, the inside decor is captivating, charming, and lustful all at the same time, more particularly the fitting rooms. While shopping, you can find a lot of help all around you; also you can get your bra measurements for free and save it on a card note. Victoria's Secret will also deliver your bra for free at your door! The worst part for competitors in the market is that Victoria’s Secret is offering E V E R Y T H I N G—from bras to panties to all types of panties, and swimsuits and cover ups, as well as sweat pants and nightwear. As for design, they have all colors, prints, and lace. Considering quality and design, Victoria’s Secret is almost for free. For the clothes, expect a price around 50,000 L.L for a T-shirt and around 100,000 L.L. for a beach jumpsuit—almost like Zara, right? The lingerie is at a competitive price with the La Senza brand. For a large purchase greater than $200, you get a pink bag for free! (Just like the one in the picture)
Cheers to no more boring bras—boyfriends are lucky.

No Sneak-peeking!

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