Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taste of Beirut 2014

    Taste of Beirut took place on 5th March at Beirut Digital District as part of the ArabNet Beirut 2014—the largest regional event for the digital creative sectors. Several restaurants invited the attendees to taste some of their best specialties; even, some of them were here to make us discover the launching of a new product (Qi juice cleanse, which is a fresh and healthy juice of fresh-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice). While at most events people rush for the food, (greed!) this event brought the food to the people and it was all about it! Personally, I thought that it was a smart initiative for the restaurants to participate in this kind of event to enlarge their audience and give the opportunity for prospect clients to try several dishes that they wouldn’t have gone for otherwise—I thought that was the case for Mayrig (Armenian) and Jai (Thai cuisine). Equally interesting for the restaurants was to have the people right in front of the stand to observe them. While some restaurants made sure to have enough food and were cooking continuously (Couqley & BRGR Co), others went short on supply in the first hour (Dip n dip). In addition, some served a full menu like Ahwak by Abdel Wahab (innovative Lebanese cuisine) including desserts, but some of the rest were only serving main dishes such as Margherita. The last two that I just mentioned were my favorites; I intend to go try Ahwak soon and as for Margherita, I can guarantee that next time I am paying a visit, it will be ravioli or just any pasta instead of pizza!

Qi Juice Cleanse

Ahwak by Abdel Wahab

Ahwak by Abdel Wahab
Ahwak by Abdel Wahab




Margherita and the ravioli I loved!

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