Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday Brunch

I would have really slept in the entire morning and I’m not going to hide it, even I am able to till the afternoon, if it wasn’t for my friend Manu’s birthday. Manu (short for Emmanuelle) is my opposite type of person, a very early and punctual person, the kind who sleeps early and wakes up before the rooster crows. As you can imagine, I love sleeping but less at night and more in the morning. Despite that, I enjoyed her brunch a lot, I spent a great time with my friends and the food,  (I tried everything), was a tasteful feast—well except for the quinoa salad that was just okay honestly. (The food was catered by Saveur Plus) They had a corner with mini Mankouchi (Zaatar, cheese, and Kechek), then the buffet extended to a few salads, a sushi cake, a Mexican dish with kidney beans and avocado, a dish of Penne with Pesto, and a corner for mini burgers and hotdogs with grilled corn on the cob. There was also another buffet for the dessert (Profiteroles, caramel and vanilla Mille-feuille cake, and strawberry tart) on top of the red velvet cake.

For the occasion, I was wearing a Zara cut out white short top, American Eagle Outfitters short shorts (we were sitting by the pool), Hermes belt, Tropezienne sandals, Chanel sunglasses and Chloé bag. On my wrists I had a Gucci watch and a Balenciaga studded leather bracelet.


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