Friday, May 30, 2014

Easiest Chain Bracelets (DIY)

    I absolutely love anything-chains. I once had this beautiful chain bracelet I bought from Jimmy Choo’s collection for H&M that I lost clubbing. I was so sad; even, thinking about it now, it saddens me all over again. Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and I found, by pure coincidence, a mini manual written in French (edition Marabout) that teaches how to make chain bracelets. I bought it, I read it, and, I tried. Bummer, I didn’t have all the tools needed. At the end, I came up with my own version of chain bracelets—read through my instructions and you will see how easy it is!

What you need:
A chain your wrist size, (about 15 cm)
2 satin ribbons of any color you like and, 3 x the size of your chain, (about 45 cm)
A pinch of common sense

-First you need to lay down the chain on a flat surface
-Then, thread the ribbon through each link in the chain and pull it to tighten.
-Leave a part of the ribbon at the start and in the end of the chain for you to be able to tie the bracelet and wear it.
-Add the other ribbon (it could be of the same or different color) at the first and last links of the chains by the same way the first ribbon went in or out.
-Make a beautiful bow.

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