Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I’m not a Girl not yet a Woman

   I rejoiced for summer too quickly, those long days at the beach tanning are not really happening. I should realize by now that I’m a grown up soon to be 20 years old “woman”. I have so much on my mind and one main thing is to continuously work on improving Pretty Capricieuse. I am meeting with a web designer tomorrow and, like we say in Arabic, Inshallah I will make a fair and lovely agreement with him. Besides that, I have been running to appointments which I will keep a surprise for you for later. I am registering myself to a fitness class to force myself to go to the Gym and do some sports. And next week I’m starting my internship and there are many many events to go to… (Including Beirut Design Week which I’m the most excited for)

   I feel emotionally so overwhelmed. Responsibilities came rushing to me and I don’t give no as an answer to good things. I still have a week to tidy up this chaos in my head and by the way, I am more than happy to stay busy. If it won’t make me lose some calories while I’m running errands, at least it will when I’ll be skipping meals for being too busy—don’t call it malnutrition please, I’m trying to be optimistic. Either way we’re working on that “weekend” beach body aren’t we?

   Here, I was wearing a Zara Mesh and light cotton white T-shirt, H&M necklace, Current Elliot leopard printed pants (I love, as long as it’s not yellow), Sam Edelman mesh espadrilles, Isabel Marant xH&M metallic belt, and my Mom’s vintage leather backpack. This outfit mirrors this summer trend of Mesh fabric—something see-through but not quite revealing with a sporty feel.


Maria said...

Elsa you rock!
P.S. take it step by step and it will be a breeze!

Elsa Abi-Khalil said...

Thank you hbb!! Will doo xx