Friday, May 2, 2014

Meeting Une Libanaise à Paris

I discovered Samar from on Instagram (#ULAP) and I instantly fell in love with her wit and personality. Then, I had the blissful opportunity

Samar was wearing a Rabih Keyrouz dress;
I was wearing a Diesel denim pants and Chiara Ferragni's lace Superga.

to meet her in person at The Agenda Beirut. If you don’t know her already, I would totally recommend you to start reading her blog! You can feel her positive mindset and her effortless style throughout her writing; she actually blogs in French (I understand and speak French really well) and translates to English on her website. On the top of her page, you can read “Happy Daily Chronicles of “Art de Vivre””.  It is true that it is just a sentence but it reflects on her in so many ways—I realize now, after having spoken to her. First, “happy” would totally define her approachable and heartwarming attitude—this 30-year-old cutie gave me plenty of hugs! Then the “daily chronicles” would give you a hint about her background in journalism, which has really carved her way through the crowd and encouraged her to blog for the right reasons, because she did not want to fall in the stereotype of a fashion blogger. Likewise, “art de vivre” underlies how her blog expresses a particular way of living, and I quote what she said, “fashion is nothing on its own, it should be related to lifestyle”. 

Samar made it on her own to the top of the ladder, she struggled during her first years in Paris and she does not shy away to say that she had her difficult times but worked hard to compensate.  “There’s nothing but the work, the work, and the work” to get to anywhere. I strongly agree with Samar and I aspire to be like her, a heart-warming stylish workaholic who insists, “My little family is my top priority”. She is married yet able to do everything! Cheers to Samar #ULAP, a powerful role model for all independent women!

Taking a selfie!

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