Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer is Here

   You have to excuse my absence for the past week; I have been going through final exams and other less pleasant issues as well as a car accident that will cost me to lose my car for a week at least. You must imagine what a heck of a week I’ve gone through, yes. Luckily, it’s over now and summer is here; it’s time to party hard and ditching curfews, (well two weeks until I start my internship, but whatever it’s not on my mind right now). The first thing I did after I was done with my junior year at AUB—sun tanning with my friends of course. We went to nearby Cyan beach resort to catch a little tan and then went on a boat trip to cruise Jounieh bay from the beginning of it, in the North at Aqua Club to the south at ATCL, two leisure sea club resorts. And that’s just the beginning of Summer ; )

Wearing Topshop dress and Chanel sunnies. They're like three years old, I like to wear them at the beach because I'm not afraid to lose them! And Chanel sunnies will always look great on you no matter what.

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