Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pretty Capricieuse becoming a food Vlogger

   We are all waiting for the first world Cup football match tomorrow after the Opening Ceremony. But guess what I am most excited about—less about the players and the score and more about my special theme FIFA recipes that is going to air on Duniati's You tube channel (to keep up with me, you can subscribe on the channel as of now). I have been supporting Spain for the past years and since it won in 2010, what are the odds that they are winning this year as well? The world cup is also hosting in the land of one of people’s greatest favorites, Brazil. I feel the fuss about this year’s international game is going to be about Brazil and its neighbor Argentina—and let’s not forget its cross-Atlantic rival, Germany.

   In this video below, I introduce you to my cooking show in Arabic—but do not panic, for those of you who don’t understand the language; I will be posting here, on the blog, my recipes with full description in English. You can always use the video as a help in order to make sure that every step is performed correctly (I bet you’re going to need it!)

   For the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you insightful, easy, and fun recipes you can do at your home and enjoy while watching the game. The recipes will be inspired by Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, and Italy; I will also embody the colors of their flags in my delicious recipes.

 Stay Tuned!

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