Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spain Flag Juice Drink

   I still can't believe that the winners of the last World Cup are out!!! Here's a drink as a tribute for Spain team fans!
Even if you couldn’t care less about Spain winning or losing, you can still learn in this video:
How to color sugar for decoration
and the secret to rimming a glass with sugar—or salt, tequila tequila! ;)
For 2 persons you will need,
1 bottle of Grenadine
2 Oranges
Red sugar (at decoration area)
Cookware and Cutlery:
1 Tall Glass
1 cocktail cup
An Orange strainer
1.     Rim the glasses with red sugar (you can use your favorite type of glass): with one wedge of orange moisten the rim of the glass and turn it upside down and dip it.
2.     Strain the oranges and pour the juice into ¾ of the glasses
3.     Lean the glass a bit and carefully add the grenadine by pouring it very close to the extremities of the glass.
4.     The result should be tricolored layer of red grenadine, yellow orange juice, and red rimmed sugar, representing the Spanish flag.

P.S. I know the video is in Arabic, but you can still play it to have a better idea on how to spill the Grenadine over the orange juice so that it works.

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