Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Flower Crown

For this beautiful flowery headpiece you will need,
  • Fake flowers, that can be purchased at your local craft store. (I managed to buy a big bunch for a price of 20,000L.L., around 13$,  because the old woman at the store was pleased to see a young girl interested in DIY-ing Lol).
  • Gauge wire, the size of your head and just 2 inches longer on each end.
  • Tape, any tape that would stick around the  headband wire but preferably green floral tape 
  •  2 Ribbons, the colors you like, (Gold/brown, White/Beige, Pink/Green will look the best)
  •  Scissors

First you make sure that the gauge wire is the size of your head. Loop at the end so that you are able to tie it around your forehead with a ribbon.

Cover the wire with tape so it is easier to work with.

Keep the look natural with pink or white and choose a bouquet of fake flowers with monotone degradation, (blue, orange, yellow...I don't want a salad on my head)

Bend the flower around the wire and cut whenever you feel it has held on it.

Continue adding flowers till you feel it is enough.
If you ask me, I only added the flowers on the side and left my forehead empty.  I wanted this headband to be a fresh, fun, and wearable accessory rather than a complement for a Disney costume!

Wrap up the gauge wire with a ribbon to hide the scotch and the flowers metallic hold. And don't forget to pass the other ribbon through the extremities to be able to wear it

The time I wore this beautiful headpiece at BDW 2014