Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Ride

   Yesterday, I went with my family to the Cedars to have lunch there along with a large group of people—this outing was organized by the Porsche Club. We enjoyed racing on the highway until we got to the mountain in northern Lebanon—which is pretty far from home by the way, a 2 hours drive.
   We had lunch at “L’auberge des Cedres”—Lebanese mezze and dishes as well as homemade jam crepes and fruits were on the buffet. No signs of Cedars on the road by the way, next time I have to intentionally come here to have a walk in the forest—and why not to have a picnic too.
    I met up with some friends by coincidence, a pleasant surprise. It was a great sunny day to spend at the Cedars, breathing in fresh air and leaving out the pollution in the city, at least, good enough to refuel me for this morning’s chores and duties—we’re Monday guys, stop reading me and get to work! (No I’m kidding, work can wait lol).


   I was wearing a Current Elliot strawberry printed shorts, Zara Tshirt, Hermes belt, and The Blonde Salad x Superga sneakers. I was holding a Chloe bag. 

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