Thursday, August 14, 2014

13th of August in Faqra

Like every year, both Faqra Club and "Jardin du Mzaar" in Faraya host a summer festival that go along with the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or as we call it "Eid el Sayde" (Eid means feast and Sayde means Our Lady). This holy day celebrates the Blessed Virgin's passing into eternal life, it is the most important of all Marian feasts and a Holy Day of Obligation.
This time of the month is a great opportunity to socialize and meet people and hang out at the exhibitions, and even if you're not as enthusiastic as I am, you will cheer up with the music they're playing and all the entertainment planned.
Yesterday i had planned to pack my stuffs and leave home at 10am, but that's when I could only get out of bed... I took my time to shower, pack the bags, dress up, refuel my car, and be in Faqra Club chez Nour in less than an hour, (I took the road from Harissa because after how much I have been stuck in traffic the day before, because of some manifestations, I was not ready to drive at a speed that seems as if you are not moving at all). The exhibitions were still opening so we watched a few episodes of Friends season 4 and I went to fix my hair at Aishti to make sure they look good the coming days, (I am definitely not snobbing you, it's just that I have terrible baby hair and Nour doesn't have a hairdryer in her chalet).
Mia, Nour, and moi stayed in Faqra and explored this year's exhibition; there's particularly one pop up store that is my favorite it's called The Good Life and they sell limited edition Nike and other sport shoes. The place wasn't too crowded and so I have expected today and tomorrow to be the most filled up with people.
Later at night, we went to Jardin, the pop up stores had closed down so we instead had dinner in the food area, (there's lots of food). We then chilled chez Nour and went after midnight have a bite at Rodolphe's (faraya's ZWZ) in Faraya "day3a" or village.
Now we're getting ready and we plan to go to Jardin and have the best Kecheck mankouchi ever for brunch. Just yum. Alright I've got to go... My friends are nagging at me! 
(You can look for me tonight at Decadance party in Junction)

Stay tuned x

Cotton candy

Kids with a premature sense of business and fashion retail trying to sell you handmade bracelets.

I was wearing a Tshirt from Primark, fringed short shorts from Diesel, a belt I got from Borj Hammoud while on the Artisan Tour in Beirut Design week, Prada denim loafers, and Chloe Paraty bag.

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