Sunday, August 17, 2014

14th of August in Faraya

The exhibitions at both Faqra and Faraya are closing tonight so this is your last chance today to have a look there! I am going up again now to have lunch with my family there at People in Faqra Club—all the other places were fully booked, except Igloo, but we had lunch there on Friday (I’ll tell you about it soon).
Thusday 14th of August was really a beautiful day, my friends and I hung out at the exhibition of Jardin du Mzar in Faraya and I ate the best Kechek Mankouchi on Saj ever at “Saj'na”. When I saw they were also there the other night, just like the previous year, I  came up to them and praised them warmly—they were glad. I bought a few rings from the many stands of accessories there was. And I also took interest on a lot of smart products I have never heard about before.
We went back to Faqra Club around 5 to 6pm to attend the beautiful mass for the occasion, which was held in the huge garden right in front the church. After that, we were invited to a big dinner in Nour’s house, where the dinner was stations of drinks, mini mankouchi as appetizers, hotdog, beef and chicken Shawarma, Crepes, and Halewet el Jeben. The night followed in the ski slopes of Faraya Mzar, where a Decadence party was held and curated by Mix Fm radio—at 3am barely any people had left the place yet. We concluded our night with an early breakfast “chez Rodolfe” in Faraya village to satisfy our late night cravings, just like the night before.
I was wearing a Flower fringed Kimono and black cropped top from Topshop, shorts from Rag & Bone, Prada denim loafers, and Chloe Paraty bag (that never leaves me anymore, in fact).

My Kecheck Mankouchi in the making

The first teenage relating TV serie on Lebanese TV into a clutch. The name of the show translates to "Beautiful and liar" in English.

My favorite juicing station on Sodeco in Jardin du Mzar!

Honey tasting of "Miel du chardon". It was a delight.

Very smart strip to hold you bag and avoid it from falling when driving.


Avant-gardiste outfits for kids.

Kinamania, link here.
Fell in love with these Spanish-inspired, real leather, and fancy embroidered shoes

Spanish heritage embroidery.
I bought the gold-plated spiral ring, (and I made it looser).

My love for accessories was revived by Auraheadpieces.

The crowd in the mass.

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