Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camping Amchit “Les Colombes”

Yesterday was my last day of a two-month internship with advertising agency Drive Dentsu. And today is the first morning in ages that I allowed myself to sleep in all morning until the early afternoon—back to you guys! If you have been following me on Facebook lately (I update my page on a frequent basis), you know how horrible I feel after the burger I ate yesterday. When I asked the waitress for the BBQ-bacon burger with chicken instead of beef, she misunderstood and added chicken on top of the beef patty. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything at all— maybe because she was new and I felt so sorry for her that I wanted her to keep the job for fear she won’t find another one. But I wish it stopped there, she was very clumsy in general, and she did not just miss the order.
Last week, I went to Camping Amchit “Les Colombes”, a beautiful camping site by the beach to the north of Byblos (also known as Jbeil). I was meaning to go camping this summer but I only took the leap when I find out that there was a music event curated by Beirut In the Mix, second edition of deep house FLOAT that night we slept in, (no I’m not a huge fan of deep house music but I was up for something new).
We were four girls and we wanted to rent a chalet for all of us but there was only Tengalows left—they’re bungalows in the form of a tent.  We rented two of them since each fit two at most, (20,000 L.L. per person).  We got there around 2pm and spent our day on the rocky beach tanning with the music in our ears. We then showered in the tiny shower cabin that separated the two beds in the Tengalow—mmm messy to say the least… If you’re a stuck-up snob forget about the Tengalows. We actually used one Tengalow for the shower because that one did not have a fan and it was impossible to stay for more than a minute inside of it, and we kept the other one to sleep. The showers need some fixin’ (I felt like a rap singer with attitude lol), the tube was broken in one Tengalow and the tuner was broken in the other. (This camping needs some investment because it has so much potential but it is badly maintained).
Yet, if I was ever going to come back, I will definitely rent out the Tengalows for the camping experience, but the ones that sit on top of the cemented cliff with the sea view—those Tengalows are totally worth it because they are the only accommodation facility with a close sea view. Okaaay I am going to tell you, they are Tengalows number 7,8,9, and 10.
You can also enjoy a barbecue; every Tengalow has its own grill. We did not know that. My friend Grace was literally inviting herself to the neighbors’ BBQ, the smell was killing us. We ended up riding my car to have dinner at ZWZ Jbeil; then we came back to the camping site for the party. Unfortunately, we skipped the sunset at 7h30… next time I’ll keep it in mind with a bottle of Rosé wine.
Check out was early at 11am (too bad), we woke up around 9am, enjoyed a mini breakfast of our own while watching the waves drifting away (singing) and packed up to go back home. So far, it was the best relaxation Monday getaway ever!

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