Saturday, September 13, 2014

Effortless College look

   I have been so overwhelmed during the past week, because I have put my hopes up for a golden opportunity but I had to say no to it when it confirmed to me for a couple of reasons. I am still haunted by my choice. Also, it was hard getting back on track, going back to reality, dealing with my semester at AUB. I scheduled my courses on two days only, Tuesday and Thursday, but my courses start at 9:30 am and finishes at 8pm!!! And then I have 3 days off during the week, but they have been filled with commitments to clubs and shooting for my YouTube cooking show! Having so much going on and to wake up early every morning, doesn’t really put me in the best creative mood to pull off my style in an outfit. Thanks god I know a few tricks to look great effortlessly. Last Wednesday was club’s day and my cue was to stay under the burning sun for a couple of hours and get people to sign up in this social media club AUBOC that I actually love.
   Less than a month ago, I fell in love with these pair of leggings I bought from Mzaar annual exhibition during Eid el Sayde. I thought that they could pull off a statement effortlessly if I pair them up with a simple perforated white T-shirt and black platform Superga sneakers—and that’s what I long for a typical and tiresome day at AUB.
   Those leggings are not from your usual shopping store next door, but they're from Gate 26, a unique Lebanese brand that aspires to a cool Boheme and Rock attitude.
The leggings were created out of a keen love for photography and fashion; Gate 26 designer, Tiara Ghandour, was struck with inspiration that lead to her success at JFK airport, New York, in a crowded terminal at Gate 26, (where the name of the brand).

You can find her items in the next exhibition in Zeytuna bay from the 3rd till the 6th of October or you can buy them online for a price of around 70$.

I was wearing Gate 26 leggings, Zara Tshirt, Superga sneakers, and Fendi tote.

Gate 26 has also beautiful and delicate colored lace you can wear with flared white pants or shorts and pastel colored Repetto flats!
Clutch crush

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