Saturday, September 20, 2014

15th of September in Igloo, Faraya

If anything, blogging is all about posting your content timely. So there I failed miserably, there was potentially one post left from midweek August. But I’ll add it now since the outfit can still be relevant! It was actually on the 15th of August, just the middle of August, and after a night of partying with my friends on the ski slopes; I had lunch with my parents in Igloo, Mzaar. Around this time of summer, they welcome people with an impressive buffet, comprised of Mediterranean food and Lebanese, of course! It is just too bad though that you would have to wait until next year to eat there if you haven’t already this summer!
They served many salads and Lebanese mezza (starters), Beef and chicken platters, and for dessert, fruits and different delicious recipes of tarts catered by Cat & Mouth. (My favorite one is the Halewa and Pistachio tart, you can watch my version of the recipe here)

I was wearing a red waxed leather pants from the collection of Isabel Marant x H&M, white crop top from Topshop, Vintage leopard fringed bag, and my then shiny new black converse.
There was a looot of traffic on my way back home since everyone was leaving the mountains, last day of exhibition. I took a chance to visit Harissa’s church (I changed my shirt with no doubt) for the occasion of the feast of the Assumption of Mary. After that, home sweet home.

North view of Jounieh Bay captured from Mary's statue tower in Harissa
South view of Jounieh Bay captured from Mary's statue tower in Harissa

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