Monday, September 29, 2014

The Godfather night at Cavalli Caffe

   One of the things I can enjoy a lot is the imitation game or pretending to be someone else and play the game. You can imagine with how much excitement I wait all year round for a Halloween party or “eid el berbara”, a Christian celebration where you get to dress up in costumes as well—I think it’s also part of my “capricieuse” personality, shifting moods. Good for me Halloween is coming, but, I have somehow lessened this excitement with last week’s themed dinner at Cavalli Caffe.
   Even though I have never watched The Godfather series—a shame really—I always knew it was about mafia and guns so I got excited. I Googled the movie theme to look for some outfit ideas… but almost all I could find was pictures of scarily powerful and cigar smoking men. I had only found one or two pictures of women with The Gatsby-like uniforms. My mom dug in her closet to find a long beaded flower “sautoir” necklace. As for me, I have managed to gather a few other accessorizes I already had—but which I actually never wear—and contented myself with another treasure find in my mom’s closet, a slim cut black dress with a deep cleavage embellished with a series of sequined roses. A costume just perfect for the night!
   The d├ęcor in the restaurant was accordingly set with the theme; on the tables, there was for every guest a cigar, a red rose, a plastic gun and a Borsalino hat following Mario Puzo‘s famous trilogy style. The guests comprised mainly the online community of Beirut including the most dynamic bloggers. The occasion of this special themed dinner was the launching of Cavalli Caffe’s new menu we had the pleasure to enjoy first: a fine selection of Italian cuisine from the restaurant’s signature salad, zebra ravioli, and savory eggplant parmigiana to the famous gnocchi with gorgonzola & truffle oil. Not to mention the desserts!—there was a tiramisu with dates, a tarte tatin (French apple pie), and the best of all, Pain Perdu with delicious caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.
   Enjoying ourselves too much and not wanting to leave right after dessert, we spent the rest of the night dancing to the sound of Tarentelle Sicilian music with a glass of Sangria wine.

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